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Mobile Phone OTG Micro UHF Reader

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UHF Reader ,

model: UR-902

Support for Android devices
Devices that support OTG on the interface can be used

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ondersteuning protokol: EPC C1 GEN2 / ISO 18000-6C
frekwensie: 840~ 960MHz (customized according to the required frequency band)
werk krag: mobile phone USB power supply, no external power supply required
werk huidige: the working current is about 200mA when reading the card (when the working power is 26dBm)
Indication: LED light, red indicates card reading status, read once to flash once
Kaart lees afstand: Alien 9662 tag read distance about 1.5 meter
werk temperatuur: -10℃ ~ + 55 ℃
Stoor temperatuur: -20℃ ~ + 75 ℃
dimensies: 35× 35 × 8 mm

Mobile Phone OTG Micro UHF Reader is a mobile phone direct reading RFID card reader, without any driver, can directly access the mobile phone to read and collect UHF tag number, sensing frequency 860-960MHz. This device uses micro UHF antenna, compact Portable.

Support for Android devices
Devices that support OTG on the interface can be used
Provide Android phone DEMO and development kit
Receive signal sensitivity is high, operating current is small, and stability is strong
Compact body, easy to carry and use

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