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Ki gen konpòtman egzanplè: BY7931

The steel wire length can be customized.

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Materyèl: ABS engineering plastics + reinforced steel wire
RFID chip: Impinj J41, oswa presize
frekans: UHF 860~960MHz.
estanda Pwotokòl: EPC Gen2, ISO 18000-6C
Li / ekri distans: 30cm (according to the read and write device)
Tag size: 30×23×11mm, steel wire 280mm long, steel wire diameter 1.5mm
K ap travay tanperati: -40℃~+100℃
Tensile strength: 250 KGF
Colors: wouj, blan, nwa, jòn, ble, other colors customizable
Pwa: 21g
D ': 50pcs/bag, 1000KONPITÈ DEZYÈM MEN / katon

Electronic seals with traditional seals compared to, has the following advantages: the electronic seal contains an RFID chip, each RFID chip has a globally unique serial number, the serial number and seal after the seal is unique, so as to achieve the purpose can not be copied. RFID chip in addition to having In addition to the unique serial number, memory can be written by the electronic seal read-write device to write specific information, such as sealing time, owner and other details, and the information can be encrypted, only know the key can rewrite the information, Inspectors can use the electronic seal reading and writing equipment read storage area information.
Seal signs can be printed according to customer requirements LOGO, modèl, nimewo, date, kòd bar, elatriye, but also by the customer self-adhesive stickers on the seals surface.

Usage: directly perforation and pull on it. This seal for one-time seals, cannot be used again. After pulling will has traces, each has a unique sequential number, safety protection, strong, easy to lock.
Use the cable clamp/wire cutters clamp to remove

aplikasyon Main
Network cabling, a variety of instruments, finance, department stores, elektrisite, petrochemicals, parcels, logistics and transport, containers, anbake, gardening and other industries.


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