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ID Reader with Code Format Adjusted Switch, IC Reader with Code Format Adjusted Switch

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IC/ID Reader with Code Format Adjusted Switch, makes it easier to adjust the output number format.

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Working frequency ( optional ): low frequency 125KHz ( high frequency 13.56MHz optional )
Support Card: TK4100, EM4100, EM4001, EM4102 ( IC type support Mifare standard S50, S70 card )
Interface: USB
Reading distance:> 60mm
Read Time: <100ms
Power supply: USB to take power
Operating system: Windows XP, Windows CE, Windows 7, Win 10, Linux, Windows Vista, Android
Indicating light: double color
Status indicators: 2 color LED (power LED “red”, “green” status indicators)
Built-in speaker: buzzer, can control the LED and buzzer
Working temperature: -20℃~+85℃
Appearance color: black and white optional (black default)
Product Dimensions: 104mm×68mm×10mm
Weight: 120g

YJ33-R40 model 125KHz contactless USB drive free ID read-only reader, a variety of code output formats, reader select any need to dial the code switch on the back of the output format. In use process, can dial the plug (plug and play), don't have to load any driver, read consistently accurate and reliable.
If used for access control reader, card number format can optional 8H10D, 6H10D, 6H8D, 2H3D4H5D, 8H, 6H, 4H5D4H5D, optional rid of leading zeros, with enter key, can also be customized, default format 8H10D, with enter key.

Main application
Access control, identification, membership management, students and campus card, data collection, etc.


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