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RFID Clothing Tag, RFID adị Tag, RFID lọjistik Tag

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RFID clothing tag can track real-time clothes sales status.

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mgbawa: ọbịa H3
size: 80× 33mm ma ọ bụ nwere ike ahaziri
ihe: ịkwanyere
Protocol ọkọlọtọ: EPC C1 GEN2 / ISO 18000-6C
arụ ọrụ ugboro: 860~ 960MHz
EPC Code: 96bit
User Memory: 512bit
Ịgụ na-ede oge: 1~ 2ms
Ịgụ na ide anya: 6~ 8M (UHF Reader, P = 5w, 12Dbi)
nchekwa okpomọkụ: -25℃ ~ + 80 ℃(-13℉ ~ + 176 ℉)
arụ ọrụ okpomọkụ: -25℃ ~ + 80 ℃(-13℉ ~ + 176 ℉)
hichapụ nọmba: >100,000 ugboro
nchekwa: >10 afọ

RFID clothing tag is actually the brand clothing "Kaadị njirimara", each clothing has a unique code of clothing tag is like everyone has an ID card, people have an ID card is easy to manage, clothing with RFID electronic tag also has automated multi-part object management.
RFID clothing tag can track real-time sales status, the apparel industry to solve the following problems:
1. Sales statistics
2. The counter sales automation.
3. A variety style clothing of sales analysis, timely replenishment of goods.
4. Counter with counter transfer for clothing.
5. Return clothing control.
6. Counter inventory and find the goods.
7. Account reconciliation.
8. Best-selling statistics, analysis of consumer preferences.

Multi-tag recognition
High tag recognition sensitivity
Linear polarization design with ultra-high read rates in specific directions
High security performance, with the world's only unique identification code (TID koodu)
Can roll packaging, in order to print their own
Widely used in clothing tag, amusement park, concert tickets, train tickets and other fields
obere size, easy installation, inogide, waterproof performance, widely used in various clothing, bags, footwear and other surfaces, the controlled target for the entire process, a full range of management

Archives Management, Apparel, Jewelry, High-grade Gift Anti-theft Management, Tobacco, Electricity Meters, Alcohol, Laundry Management, Shelving, Logistics Management, Small Cargo, Factory Goods Sorting Management, etc.


mpi Advantage:
ahụmahụ Staff;
magburu onwe ya mma;
Best price;
Fast nnyefe;
Large ikike na a dịgasị iche iche nke ngwaahịa;
Nabata obere iji;
ODM na OEM ngwaahịa dị ka ahịa ina.


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