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Parametri tehnici
Support frequency: 125KHz + 13.56MHz
Tip citire card: ID card (EM4102, EM4200, TK4100, etc.)
IC carte (MF S50/S70, FM11RF08, ISO14443A protocol cards)
metoda de comunicare: USB (Imitation keyboard output)
Mod de lucru: read-only
Sistem de operare: ferestre 7, ferestre 10, Linux, etc.
Format de iesire: default 10-digit decimal, alte formate pot fi personalizate
Putere: interfață USB, DC5V
consumul de energie: <0.2W
mărimea: 110× 80 × 26mm

YJ40-R10DC model ID+IC dual-frequency card reader is a dual-band reading device that can read both EM protocol RF card and ISO14443A protocol RF card/tag.
In the process of use, the user does not need to load any driver, can be plugged and inserted at will (conectează și utilizează), the USB interface directly obtains the power, and the serial number in the RFID card can be read and input to the computer and other devices through the data interface without external power supply, equivalent to the automatic keyboard input number.
Widely used in access control attendance management system, gestionarea activelor, information inquiry, club members, supermarket consumption systems, book lending, meeting check-in and other fields.

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