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Oferta Mifare 1K S50 Chip de cereale, FM11RF08 Chip Wafer

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FM11RF08 chip fully compatible with Mifare 1k S50 chip, the same performance, cost scăzut.

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Chip: Mifare IC S50 / FM11RF08
Accord cu standardul: ISO 14443A
Frecventa de operare: 13.56MHz
Rata de comunicare: 106KBoud
Mod de lucru: pasiv
Capacitate de stocare: 1KB, 8kbit, 16 partiții, fiecare partiție două parola (1KB = 8Kbit)
Citește gama: 2.5~ 10cm
Citește și scrie timp: 1~ 2ms
Temperatura de lucru: -20℃ ~ + 55 ℃ (-4℉ ~ + 131 ℉)
viața poate fi ștearsă: >100000 ori
Stocare a datelor: >10 ani
stilul pachet: Wafer / Chip de cereale

Mifare IC S50 chip ( referred to as M1), a non- contact smart card chip in the vanguard, the operating frequency of 13.56MHz, and have the ability to read and write. Is the industry's first one can put ISO contactless smart card chip,with ultra-small coil also provides the ability to mass production. In prezent, the use of global Mifare IC S50 chip over two hundred million, with a contactless smart card market share of more than 85%. IC S50 has a high stability and a wide range of applications for a variety of manufacturing special tags and smart cards, is the access control card, identification tag, business card, metri pre-plătite apă, carte de autobuz, taxele de autostradă, loc de parcare, residential area management, transportation cards, park tickets, highways and other preferred RFID products.

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FM11RF08 chip (referred to as domestic M1), is developed by Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Company first RFID chip products, is compatible with IC S50 chip. FM11RF08 chip quality, for many years to occupy a dominant market position. With stable performance, low rate of bad, low cost and other advantages.




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