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Voice-activat cu LED-uri de lumină silicon brățară, RFID cu telecomandă cu LED-uri de lumină silicon Wristband, LED-uri de lumină silicon brățară

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Model: YW6232

The RFID chip can be packaged, and any color can be selected, and the surface can be screen printed or laser engraved LOGO, model, continuous coding and other personalized design solutions.

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Material: silicon moale
Proces de producție: turnare prin injecție
prelucrare personalizată: da
mărimea: 60mm sau personalizate
Putere: 2baterii buton CR2032 ×, poate fi aprins în mod continuu pentru 10 ore, bateria poate fi înlocuită.
cipuri RFID Packageable: EM4100, TK4100, Mifare IC S50, FM11RF08, NTAG216, H3 Alien, etc, poate fi specifica
Citește distanță: 10cm (distanțe de citire diferite pentru diferite chips-uri și medii)
Citește și scrie timp: 1Domnișoară
Stocare a datelor: 10 ani
ori poate fi ștearsă: 100,000 ori

The RFID bracelet is an environmentally-friendly light-emitting soft silicone bracelet, which is non-toxic, tasteless and has no side effects on the human body. The wristband is designed to be flexible, non-cracking, long-lasting, non-irritating to the skin, soft in texture, generous in appearance, simple in appearance, bright in color, popular with domestic and foreign customers, and fashionable fashion products. There are a variety of different sizes and different vivid colors to choose from, and can also be processed according to the customer's model or drawings to create intaglio, embossing, luminous, fluorescent, and mixed colors. Any LOGO pattern can be customized according to customer requirements and matched with beautiful packaging.
LED light-emitting silicone bracelet with illuminated button function, shaking induction light function, voice-activated flash function and remote control flash function.
In the concert, you can change the color by partition, and different areas display different colors.
It is used in various entertainment venues, concerts, KTV, party, bar clubs, tourist attractions, swimming places, amusement park tickets, and is a cheering prop for various large-scale parties, sports events, festive carnivals, birthday parties and other entertainment occasions.
It is the catharsis carrier of the passionate carnival of the fans, the source of the power of the star idol, the master of the atmosphere of the venue; your carnival is indispensable to it, your enthusiasm can not be separated from it, your success must have it - the concert cheering props.
This LED Light Soft Silicone Wristband can be customized with RFID models or non-RFID models. The RFID model ensures a globally unique code, and the IC chip can write personally stored data.


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Capacitate mare și o gamă largă de produse;
Accept comenzi mici;
ODM și OEM produse în funcție de cererea clientului.


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