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RFID Miniature COB Tag, RFID Electronic Product Management COB Tag

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Micro RFID COB Tag, suitable for toys, small electronic products inventory management and traceability tracking management.

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Packaging materials: COB encapsulation (aluminum wire)
Protocol standard: ISO 15693, ISO 14443A/B or ISO 18000-6 B/C
Kakawanda: 13.56 MHz, 860~960MHz
Chip: NXP Mifare M1, TI, Ultralight, FM11RF08, etc
Product size: 6mm×6mm (Size can be customized)
Product thickness: 0.7~1.5mm
Antenna material: copper carved antenna base board (PCB)
Reading distance: 0~100mm (depending reader, RFID chip, protocol standard, environment)
Character printing: etched or printed (character)
Working temperature: -25℃~+80℃ (-13℉~+176℉)
Storage temperature: 0℃~+25℃ (32℉~+77℉)
Data validity: R/W 100000 times
Packing: bulk or sucking disc packaging,etc

Micro COB Tag is a new type of electronic tag and module developed and manufactured by the SeabreezeRFID company. It adopts specially designed antenna and processing technology, COB Encapsulated, the minimum product size can be 6mm × 6mm. Low cost, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, washing resistance, High temperature, low temperature, pressure resistance, can be repeated use of special electronic tags. Can read close range.

Main application areas: smart toys, handicrafts, communications equipment, electronic products, small commodities, valuables, such as RFID traceability tracking and data management.


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