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Human Body Interference Resistance UHF Access Control Card

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Configuration UHF access card reader, Wiegand 34 output.

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Chip performance
frékuénsi gawe: 902~ 928MHz
chip UHF: Impinj Monza R6
Komunikasi Protokol: EPC Class-1 Gen2, IEC/ISO 18000-6C
Reading and writing sensitivity: -12dBm (reference distance of 5m or more)
modeu gawe: Sunda / W
Chip memory: None
TIME: 96bit
Access Code: None
Kill password: None
waktos ingetan Data: 10 taun
kali Erasable: 100,000 kali

Physical characteristics
Physical Dimensions: 98mm x 56mm x 5mm
bahan cangkang: ABS
color: bodas
beurat: 50g
Protection class: IP65
hawa operasi: -40℃ ~ + 85 ℃
Used: Sling, hanging neck

Human Body Interference Resistance UHF Access Control Card is designed for personnel management design of a tag, the tag through the use of anti-human interference design ideas, the perfect solution to the ordinary white card by human interference performance degradation caused by the reader missed the phenomenon, the tag can be close to the human body without interference, in the entire system can effectively guarantee the same tag performance in order to run the system has a good user experience, can be easily used in schools, hospitals, venues, factories and other personnel management environment.
Configuration UHF access card reader, Wiegand 34 output.
Custom appearances based on people management projects.

Campus, factories, hospitals, venues, tickets, concerts, clubs, all kinds of venue staff management.


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