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RFID Kristal Epoxy Tag

» RFID Kristal Epoxy Tag

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material: PVC+Crystal Epoxy
Common Epoxy Tag size
Ordinary Epoxy Card
Rectangular: 50× 30mm, 42×26mm
Square: 35× 35mm, 40× 40mm
Round: diameter 35mm, diameter 40mm
Edged Epoxy Card
Rectangular: 50× 30mm, packet edged finished product 55×35mm; 42×26mm, packet edged finished product 47×31mm
Square: 35× 35mm, packet edged finished product 40×40mm; 40× 40mm, packet edged finished product 45×45mm
Round: diameter 35mm, packet edged finished product 40mm; diameter 40mm, packet edged finished product 45mm
Water droplets type: 36×28mm, packet edged finished product 41×33mm

Transparent Edging Epoxy Card can be printed with a variety of materials, the surface is made of high-grade crystal epoxy, tahan cai, dust-proof, bubble-free, transparency such as glass, exquisite appearance, vivid image, loba warnana, easy to carry, not easy to wear, can package all kinds of RFID smart chips, such as: crystal epoxy keychain, Epoxy VIP card, Epoxy mobile payment card, mobile phone pendant card, can customize your favorite patterns and shapes according to customers' wishes.

School student management, community management, access control attendance, identification, product identification, consumer systems, business gifts, cartoon accessories, One Card Solutions, bus cards, jsb.


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