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Cards surface can customized printing personalized barcode patterns.

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響應頻率: 125千赫/ 13.56MHz的/ 860〜960MHz的
協議標準: ISO 14443, ISO 15693, ISO 18000-6C / 6B
RFID芯片: MIFARE 1K S50, 的Mifare S70 4K, MIFARE Ultralight10, MIFARE UltralightC, I CODE SLI / SLI-S / SLI-L / SLIx的, MIFARE Desfire2K / 4K / 8K, MIFARE PLUS2K / 4K, Ti2048, EM4200, EM4305, EM4450, EM4102, TK4100, T5557, T5577, CET5500, Hitagl, Hitag2, Hitags, FMl208(中央處理器), 外國人H3, Impinj的M5等.
尺寸: ISO7816 CR80 85.60×53.98×0.80毫米或根據客戶需求量的
基地圓角半徑: 3.18±0.3毫米.
Cardbody材料: PVC / PET / PETG / ABS /紙, 0.13毫米的銅線
封裝工藝: 自動超聲波自動植物線, 碰焊
印花: 四色膠印印刷, 絲網印刷和其它印刷工藝

QR Code is often used as an element of plastic cards, adding card features such as product information or personal information, company websites, 等等. for easy reading. Barcode cards can also be packaged chips made of RFID cards. Also in the card surface hot laser silver or laser gold, plus magnetic stripe, 等等, to add more features.
UV bar code card, if the surface of the bar code UV printing effect, then the bar code will have a three-dimensional feeling, and wear-resistant.





Barcode card knowledge

Barcode card Arranged in a set of rules of stripe, blank and the corresponding characters of bar code information in the record, the common barcode symbols print by black stripe and white blank, when shine light on the bar code, black stripe and white blank to produce a strong contrast, use a different reflectivity of the stripe and blank to read information.
Barcode card is divided into two kinds of One-dimensional code and QR code. One-dimension code is commonly used, such as daily commodity barcode on the outer packing is One-dimensional code. Its information storage capacity is small, can store only a code, when using through this code to taken data in a computer network. QR code is developed in recent years, it can in the limited space to store more information, including text, images, 指紋, signature, 等等, and can used break away the computer.
Barcode card making simple, ordinary barcode according to certain requirements to print or copy, 更低的花費, but its read equipment (especially the QR code read equipment) expensive. Unlike magnetic card and IC card, barcode card information cannot be changed, in addition, safety performance is poor, the standard is not unified, which limits its application.
Bar code to load information is Numbers, 信, these Numbers and letters is after according to certain standard number encoded string.
Barcode encoding technology mainly involves coding rules and standards. Barcode encoding rule is to make standards and codes of the main basis of bar code identification.

現在, the international commonly used code system has the following kinds:
(1) UPC code: in 1973,the United States took the lead in the domestic commercial application in the system. The code system is mainly used for commercial system. This code length is fixed for 12 數字.
(2) EAN code: in 1977,the European economic community countries according to the UPC code standards formulated the European goods code EAN code. EAN code has two types: EAN-13 code and EAN-8 code.
(3) 交錯 2 的 5 Code: a variable length of continuous self checking system of digital Code.
(4) Code 39 (Code 3 的 9): length variable discrete self checking letters word type Code system.
(5) 庫德巴: length variable discrete self checking system of digital code. Commonly used in warehouse, and air express parcel management, blood bank.
(6) Code 128: a variable length of continuous alphanumeric code system.
(7) China Post Code: China Post express special Code.
(8) Other Code: Code 93, Code 49, Code 2 的 5, 11 碼, Matrix 2 的 5 碼.



印花: 膠印, 絲印, 熱敏打印, 噴墨打印, 數字印刷.
安全功能: 水印, 激光燒蝕, 全息圖/ OVD, UV油墨, 光變油墨, 隱藏條碼/條碼面具, 分級彩虹, 微型文本.
其他: 芯片數據初始化/加密, 個性化磁條程序性, 簽名板, 條碼, 序列號, 壓花, DOD代碼, NBS凸碼, 模切.

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