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SLE4442接觸式芯片酒店門卡, SLE5542接觸式芯片酒店房卡

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產品型號: HJ771

With the SLE 4442 / SLE5542 chip encryption features, you can effectively protect the safety of hotel guests financial and living environment.

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芯片: SLE 4442 / SLE5542
協議標準: ISO 7816
256 EEPROM組織的字節
32 受保護的存儲器的組合物
3-字節的用戶密碼, 密碼錯誤計數: 3 時
最小寫入/擦除時間: 2.5女士
工作電壓: 5V
最大供電電流: 10毫安
工作溫度: -35℃〜+ 80℃
耐力: > 100,000 時
數據保護: > 10 年份
尺寸: CR80 86×54×0.88毫米
材料: PVC / PET / PETG / ABS,等等.

The SLE4442/SLE5542 chip Secure Memory Card is one of the most popular "Smart Memory Cards" in the world. This chip includes an intelligent 256-Byte EEPROM with Write Protect Function and Programmable Security Code (PSC). This chip contains and EEPROM organized 1024×8 bit offering the possibility of programmable write protection for each byte. Reading of the whole memory is always possible. The memory can be written and erased byte by byte. 256 byte encryption card, read data, 寫數據, data protection and password operation. Data can only be changed after entry of the correct 3-byte programmable security code (security memory). Cured user code to protect the factory 32byte write data area.
Confidentiality characteristics
Before the password is checked correctly, all the data can only be read and can not be rewritten.
Check the correct password can change the data, including change the password.
Error counter, the initial value is 3, the password check error 1, then subtract 1, if the counter value is 0, the card automatically locked, the data can only be read out, can not be changed again can no longer password check; if not Zero, once the password check correctly, can be restored to the initial value of 3.
Each byte in the write-protected area (first 32 字節) can be individually write-protected and can not be changed (ie, data solidified) after write-protection.

海風智能卡有限公司, LTD provides SLE4442 / SLE5542 contact chip hotel door card encryption and decryption services.

Allow us to Pre-Print your PVC or smart cards with your logo, image or other information. Pre-printing saves you time and money. The SLE4442 is a perfect card for your gift or loyalty program, IT Login, or other applications that you develop using our Smart Card Development Kit.

The typical applications for the memory card includes access control, hotel door cards, staff attendance, transport payment, personal identification,等等.


Introduce the Hotel Gain Power Supply Card
The first function is to open the hotel room door, the second function is to take power, when the door is opened, the card into a card slot inside (Card slot size can just put a card), inside the room Lights will open, Televisions, Appliances will can used, called to Get Power Supply Card, The RFID chip pick the contactless Mifare 1k S50 chips or mainly contact type SLE4442, SLE5542 chips.




印花: 膠印, 絲印, 熱敏打印, 噴墨打印, 數字印刷.
安全功能: 水印, 激光燒蝕, 全息圖/ OVD, UV油墨, 光變油墨, 隱藏條碼/條碼面具, 分級彩虹, 微型文本.
其他: 芯片數據初始化/加密, 個性化磁條程序性, 簽名板, 條碼, 序列號, 壓花, DOD代碼, NBS凸碼, 模切.

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