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模型: YY257AT

Customizable Directional or Omnidirectional, optional TCP/IP, GPRS, CDMA, WIFI transmission module.

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Technical indicators
工作頻率: 2.4千兆赫〜2.5GHz的
工作作風: active and passive combination
Antenna parameter 1: gain: 16dBi的; Horizontal plane lobe width: 30°; Vertical plane lobe width: 25°; Front-to-back ratio: >25D b
Antenna parameter 2: standing wave ratio: <1.5; Polarization direction: vertical
Communication interface mode: RS232, RS485, 韋根, TCP/IP network port
通訊方式: 主動模式 (after the reader reads the tag, it sends it to the host computer actively)
The device has a buffer capacity of 256 tags inside
RS232, RS485 communication rate can be set by the user
System identification distance: 取決於 250 米; recognition accuracy rate: 99.999999%
Various data format outputs can be developed according to user requirements
工作電壓: DC7.5~12V
工作電流: < 200毫安
工作溫度: -25℃〜+ 75℃
儲存溫度: -40℃〜+ 85℃
工作濕度: < 95%
Equipment size: 320×200×100mm
Equipment weight: 2.0公斤
包裝尺寸: 370×250×150
Weight after packaging: 2.5公斤

The YY257AT model 2.45GHz directional active RFID reader is a high-performance active RFID reader developed with applications such as long read/write distance, high recognition accuracy and strong anti-collision capability. With TCP/IP network interface, Directional 2.45GHz active RFID integrated reader, 快速閱讀速度, reading distance of up to 250 米, waterproof and dustproof, suitable for outdoor use.

結構體: The outer cover is made of high temperature resistant and low temperature resistant material. The main structure is made of aluminum alloy; it is equipped with mounting brackets, which can adjust the installation direction up and down and left and right

Reading and writing distance can reach 250 米, and the special label can reach up to kilometers
Recognition accuracy: 99.999999% or more
Strong anti-collision ability: read all 200 tags in 3 秒
Equipment working status indication
Read tag is saved to the buffer
After reading the tag, the user can be notified by indicator light, 蜂鳴器, status signal, relay output
After reading the tag, it can be transmitted to the host computer through RS232, RS485, Wiegand 26/Wiegand 34/Wiegand 66, and TCP/IP network port
Communication mode has active transmission and passive transmission
RS232, RS485 communication rate can be set
Distance to read the tags can be set
Interval between reading the same tags can be set
Speed at which the tag is actively uploaded can be set
External trigger reading tag information
Ability to read device factory information
Provide DEMO software, API functions, 等等

停車場, 車輛管理
Smart transportation
Electric vehicle anti-theft system
School student management
Asset Management
Warehousing, 物流管理


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