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BY1035 Ultra-small Size PCB Material Anti-metal Tag

PCB Anti-metal Tag , , ,

Ultra-small size, reading distance more farther.

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Model: BY1035
Protocol: EPC Global Class 1 Gen2, ISO 18000-6C
Chip: Impinj M4QT
Frequency: 902~928MHz
Storage: EPC 128bit,User Momery 496bit
Read/Write distance:
Handheld: >0.3M
Fixed: >1.0~2.0M
Working temperature: -25℃~+85℃
IP rating: IP63
Size: 10×3.5×1mm, 12×4×1.6mm
Materials: PCB circuit board, FR4
Weight: 0.5
Advocate material FR4, surface color: black
Installation method: 3M 300LSE, Double-sided adhesive or strong glue

Anti-metal tag is a special anti-magnetic absorbing material encapsulated electronic tags, to solve the label can not be attached to the metal surface to use the problem. Waterproof products, acid, alkali, anti-collision, can be used outdoors. The anti-metal tag attached to the metal read range than not attached to the metal read farther. PCB material (FR4 material) UHF anti-metal tag, read-only performance beyond or beyond its length about 10CM other tag. Moderate size, is one of the more widely used tag.
The Anti-metal tag comply with EPC C1G2 (ISO 18000-6C) standard, operating frequency is 860MHz~960MHz, can be used worldwide, including RFID chip will be stored unique identification and other update information.

Optional specification size: diameter 10×3mm, diameter 20×1mm, 10×3.5×1mm, 12×4×1.6mm, 12×7×1.6mm, 12×7×2.5mm, 17×9×1.6mm, 22×8×2.5mm, 25×9×2.5mm, 18×8×2.5mm, 36×13×2.5mm, 40×10×2.5mm, 50×20×3mm, 50×25×1mm, 51×36×7mm, 52×13×2.5mm, 60×25×3.4mm, 79×20×3mm, 80×12×3mm, 90×11×3mm, 95×25×3mm. Can customize the specification size.

Ultra-small size, reading distance farther.
Flexible and convenient installation, a magnet adsorption metal function.
High stability, cost-effective, the surface can be pasted any label with printed content. The surface can be laser printed patterns, LOGO, code and so on.

Test Data
Solvent Testing: Passes 95% Alcohol Test, Passes 92 Gasoline Wipe Test
Drop test: pass 200 meters drop test 1 meter high
High and low temperature alternating test: Passed
(High and low temperature alternating test conditions: -40℃~+85℃, accumulative 30 days)

Other production processes: surface laser printing number; chip EPC pre written; surface paint (can be waterproof and moistureproof mouldproof, used for outdoor); after the paint surface color pattern making

Hardware tools, IT equipment, communication equipment metal shell, medical equipment, small valuables, Patrol officers management, production line management.


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