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1. Custom RFID Etching Antenna

The customer provides the HF / UHF antenna design drawing, the file format AUTO CAD (.dwg), we quotes in 24 hours, the quoted expense includes the plate making expense and the product quotation, confirms the technical details, after signing the agreement, we will provide antenna layout within 24 hours – Customer Confirmation – Customer Confirm plate layout and pay plate fee – we arranges production plan – Plate making and sample production – Provide 20~400pcs free antenna samples to customer confirmation.
If the customer does not have an antenna design, then you need to provide antenna size specifications, bound chip models (for example: Ultralight, I CODE SLI-S, Alien H3, Impinj Monza 5), your binding machine model. We receive the above information within 24 hours to provide antenna design and pricing plate making fees and product pricing. Antenna Design Drawing Design Time: HF Antenna 7 Business Day, UHF Antenna 24 Business Day.

2.  HF/UHF Silver Ink Antenna Electronic tag Inlay, Silver Ink Print Antenna Inlay

The Silver Ink conductive ink for printing radio frequency identification electronic tags has good electrical conductivity and adhesion, and has the advantages of good flexibility, stable performance, and low oxidation resistance.
The use of conductive ink to print the antenna instead of the traditional etching method to make the antenna in the electronic tag reduces the manufacturing cost of the RFID electronic tag.

RFID Silver Ink Antenna Inlay, UHF Silver Ink Print Inlay Antenna, from Seabreeze Smart Card Co.,Ltd.
Silver Ink printed antenna electronic tags are mainly used for anti-counterfeiting, security, anti-tampering of products, the tags is destroyed once it is torn, which is convenient for the use and management of anti-counterfeiting products.

Frequency: HF 13.56MHz/UHF 840~960MHz
Antenna size: custom
Tag substrate: PET/Paper
Antenna material: Silver paste conductive ink


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