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    Produtos NFC, Outra etiqueta anti-metal, Etiqueta adhesiva / anti falsa , , , , , ,

    Modelo de produto: BN7792

    Personalization options: chip IC, RF frequency, size and shape, paper color, thickness, anti-metal sticker, escritura de datos, surface pre-printed patterns or QR codes, etc.

    Outro tipo de tarxeta/insignia
    • Especificacións
    • Descrición

    Parámetros técnicos
    Wafer die: NTAG203, NTAG213, NTAG215, NTAG216, M1 S50, Ultralixeiro, Ultralight C,etc.
    Function: read/write protect by password
    Protocol standard: ISO/IEC 14443 TypeA
    frecuencia: 13.56MHz
    Modulation: ASK
    Dimension: 50x35mm, 46x31mm, 40x25mm, Φ50mm, Φ30mm, or specify
    Thickness: 0.5~1.0mm with anti-metal layer
    Finish: glossy, matte
    Bonding: FLIP chip
    material: PET, coated paper, wave-absorbing materials
    Read range: 15~50mm, depend on the reader and tag antenna size
    Metal environment (optional): enable working directly adhesive on metal surface or environment
    temperatura de traballo: -25°C~+55°C
    Store temperature: -25°C~+65°C
    Printing and other processes: surface number, LOGO, picture, laser engrave serial number/UID
    Packing: roll or single

    NFC (near field communication) is a standards-based, proximity contact-less connectivity technology that enables simple and safe two-way interactions between electronic devices (mobile devices, electronics, PCs, or smart objects), allowing consumers to perform contact-less transactions(wireless communication), access digital content, and connect electronic devices with a single approach. It is safe, convenient, passive and fast. NFC inlay is a semi-finished product that can be converted into labels, tags, tokens, badges, and more.
    With the innovative design in its size, it is thin and flexible which makes it easily to attach to any mobile devices.
    The RFID Anti-metal NFC Tag is integrated with RFID chip conforming with product which provides high security.
    Apart from RFID technology, this sticker can be used also for payment applications.

    Loyalty system for promotion
    Parking meters
    E-payment, Mobile payment
    Access control
    Data transmission
    Smart business card
    Smart menu
    NFC refrigerator sticker


    Competitive Advantage:
    Experienced Staff;
    Excellent quality;
    Best price;
    Fast delivery;
    Large capacity and a wide range of products;
    Accept small order;
    ODM and OEM products according to customer's demand.

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