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2.45GHz Dual-frequency Multifunction Active Tag, 2.45GHz+125KHz Active Tag, 2.45GHz+13.56MHz Active Tag

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13.56MHz IC chip, can encrypted active card.

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Operating frequency: 2.45GHz~2.483GHz+125K or 2.45GHz~2.483GHz+13.56MHz
Recognition distance: 2.45GHz 0~80m adjustable
125KHz: 1~5cm
13.56MHz: 1~10cm
Receiver sensitivity: -80dbm~-90dbm
Battery Specifications: cr2032 button battery×2 (replaceable)
Battery life: 1.5 years
Humidity: -20℃~+60℃ (-4℉~+140℉)
Protection: IP54
Key Alarm: Yes
Dual function: 125KHz&13.56MHz
Dimensions: 86×54×5.2mm
Tag weight: 26g

2.45GHz Multifunction Dual-frequency Active Tag have multiple operating frequencies. 2.45GHz can be long-distance identification, 125KHz mainly for short-distance identification, sequence number of 13.56MHz IC card with the same 2.45GHz electronic tag, can encrypt, higher security. Label card spontaneous emission signal, without triggering can be remotely RFID reader to identify. Has the alarm function.

2.45GHz Dual-frequency Multifunction Active Tag, 2.45GHz+125KHz Active Tag, 2.45GHz+13.56MHz Active Tag, 2.45GHz+LF Active Card, 2.45GHz+HF Active Card. SeabreezeRFID LTD.

Product features
Data storage: double-frequency function make the electronic tag data storage function, make its application more widely.
Read and write speed: compared with the bar code, no aligners scan, read and write faster, be more objective recognition, motion recognition.
Security: a dedicated chip, serial number unique, hard to replicate.
Durability: no mechanical failure, fully sealed structure resistance to bad environment.
Alarm function: in case of emergency or danger, press the alarm button on the remote control electronic tag alarm.

Mainly used
Automatic identification management personnel, vehicles do not stop out management, school card, long distance inspection systems,etc..


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