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EM Chip Smart Access Control Card Read Distance 80mm, ID & IC Identification Card/Tag

EM Card/LF Card, HF Chip Card ,

Model: HL4496

Optional 125KHz EM4102, EM4200, TK4100, EM4305, EM4450; or 13.56MHz Mifare 1k S50 or Compatible with FM11RF08 chip.

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Chip: EM4102, EM4200, TK4100, EM4305, EM4450, Mifare 1k S50 or Compatible with FM11RF08
Working frequency: 125KHz or 13.56MHz
Working mode: LF: read-only; HF: R/W
Induction distance: 2~10cm
Internal serial number: 5 bytes
Size: Thin card: 85.5×54×0.84mm
Standard thickness thin card: 85.5×54×1.05mm
Thickness card: 85.5×54×1.80mm (with a portable hole)
Read and write distance: 2-10cm, depending on the reader and the environment
Working temperature: -20℃-+80℃ (-4℉-+176℉)
Packaging materials: PVC/ABS
Wipe the number: >100,000 times
Storage: 10 years

Packing: Thin card: 200pcs/box
Thick card: 100pcs/box

The LF 125KHz EM chip is a kind of cheap read-only applications, mainly used in the field of identification, because of the low price of the chip, so the application range is very wide.
The surface can be print 18 bit, 10 bit or 8 bit number, can be made into the same number card, serial number card, can be perforated. Printing portrait photo, can also made into key chain, silicone bracelet or various shapes smart card.
RFID smart card-Clamshell card (85.5×54×1.80mm) and ISO card(85.5×54×0.84), the card Water-proof.

Identity recognition, attendance system, access control system, channel gate system, property identification, patrol system, enterprises One Card Solution system,etc.

Printing: Offset Printing, Silkscreen Printing, Thermal printing, Ink-jet printing, Digital printing.
Security features: Watermark, Laser ablation, Hologram/OVD, UV ink, Optical Variable ink, Hidden barcode/Barcode mask, Graded Rainbow, Micro-text.
Others: Chip data initialization/Encryption, Personalized magnetic stripe programed, Signature panel, Barcode, Serial number, Embossing, DOD code, NBS convex code, Die-cut.

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