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MIFARE IC S20 Chip Card, Card S20 MIFARE Mini, MF1 IC S20 Chip Card

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model: H016

Mifare Mini S20 Chip Cards is the most widely used Smart Cards of the Mifare technology platform in Hotel Door Cards & Access Control Solutions, complementing the offering in the low-cost segment with high security.

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paramèter chip
13.56 frekuensi prabawa MHz
standar protokol IEC / ISO 14443A
320 byte EEPROM
nomer serial unik (4 byte)
5 sektor aman dipisahake ndhukung multi-aplikasi:
5 sektor kalebu 4 pamblokiran dawané 16 byte
2×48 tombol dicokot saben sektor kanggo hirarki tombol
kahanan akses configurable free adhedhasar 2 tingkat hirarki tombol
Jumlah nulis operasi single: 100,000 kaping
penylametan data: 10 taun

paramèter Card
Size: ISO kertu standar L 85,6 × W 54 × T 0.84(± 0,4)mm, utawa nemtokake ukuran
Material: PVC / ABS / PET / PETG / Pha, 0.13kabel tembaga mm
proses encapsulation: otomatis ultrasonik line tanduran otomatis, welding tutul

Mifare Mini S20 chip is tailored to applications that require only small memory size. It is ideal for access management or loyalty cards offering the same security features and file structure as Mifare 1K.

Mifare Mini S20 chip offers 320 bytes split into five sectors. For each of these card types, 16 bytes per sector are reserved for the keys and access conditions and can not normally be used for user data. Also, the very first 16 bytes contain the serial number of the card and certain other manufacturer data and are read only. That brings the net storage capacity of these cards down to 224 bytes for Mini.. They can be programmed for operations like reading, writing, increasing value blocks, etc.

Mifare Mini S20 card is fundamentally just a memory storage device, where the memory is divided into segments and blocks with simple security mechanisms for access control. They are Application-specific integrated circuit ASIC based and have limited computational power. Thanks to their reliability and low cost, those cards are widely used for electronic wallet, akses kontrol, corporate ID cards, transportation or stadium ticketing.

Mifare Mini S20 ISO Card is the most widely used Smart Cards of the Mifare technology platform in hotel key cards & Access Control solutions, complementing the offering in the low-cost segment with high security.

Mifare Mini S20 ISO Card operates according to the ISO /IEC 14443 A standard, allowing an operating distance of up to 10cm with true anti-collision support. Mifare Mini S20 is fully compatible with existing RFID Mifare infrastructure and can therefore be easily integrated in current contactless solutions for hotels and other access control solutions.

Mifare Mini S20 ISO Card with Mifare Mini S20 chip has the functions of Read-only lock, which enables it as a multi-functional IC chip with high confidentiality and it applies to the area such as Hotel Keycards, urban mass transit, billing payment card, data acquisition system and access control.

Key applications
Access control solutions
Hotel door card
Staff card
Parking card


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rega Best;
layang Fast;
kapasitas gedhe lan sawetara saka sudhut produk;
Nampa cilik supaya;
Potongan lan OEM produk miturut dikarepake customer kang.


Printing: Offset Printing, Printing Silkscreen, printing termal, Printing mangsi-jet, digital printing.
fitur keamanan: Casa, laser ablation, Hologram / OVD, ink UV, Optical ink Variabel, barcode Hidden / Barcode topeng, diarani Rainbow, Micro-teks.
Others: initialization data Chip / enkripsi, Personalisasi belang Magnetik programed, Signature panel, barcode, nomer serial, Embossing, kode DoD, kode gilig NBS, Die-Cut.

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