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Product model: BY1360

Sound and light tips that allow you to quickly locate your target.

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Main technical parameters
Chip: Alien Higgs3
Operating frequency: 860MHz~960MHz
Air communication protocol: EPCglobal Gen2/ISO 18000-63
Storage capacity: 2176-bit user NVM (non-volatile memory)
Repeated number of writes: more than 100,000 times
Data retention time: 10 years or more
Read and write distance: 5~10M (related to the size of the reading and writing device and antenna)
Working life: no battery replacement for more than 3 years
Electrical characteristics: built-in replaceable button type CR2477 battery, working voltage 3V
LED indicator: can be configured according to user needs (yellow, red, blue, green, purple, orange, white, colorful, etc.)
Working temperature: -20℃~+60℃
Size: 136×34×11mm
Shell material: ABS

RFID sound and light tags are RFID passive sound and light electronic tags based on the 860MHz~960MHz frequency band; it adds sound and light prompting function to the traditional UHF tags, which can quickly find objects in the item management (the items being searched will emit light and sound), applicable to warehouse inventory inventory positioning, clothing and hat search positioning, book search positioning, file search positioning and other application areas.
Using the handheld reader to write a code to the sound and light tag that you need to find, and the item will sound and flash to quickly find the item.

Main feature
The mainstream chip, the ultimate computing power, has a powerful function of finding items.
The buzzer is loud, using an efficient sound-driven chip, the volume is noticeably loud and you won't miss important reminders.
The LED lamp has a long life and the light source is bright and bright, creating a bright flash.
Long battery life, Low-energy battery, up to 36 months of life under normal conditions.
The shell is made of high quality ABS material, ultrasonically welded and resistant to vibration.



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