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RFID Ultra-thin Mobile Phone Access Control Stickers,UID Rewritable Mobile Phone Elevator Access Control Time Attendance Tag

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Model: YX4431/YX4439

Can copy IC or ID card models, or IC+ID dual frequency tags. Customizable size specifications, print patterns, LOGO.

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Frequency: IC 13.56MHz, ID 125KHz
Sensing distance: 0~5cm
Service life: can be repeatedly erased 100,000 times
Pattern: more than 130 pattern choices, customizable patterns
Whether with glue: double-sided tape (can also be sandwiched between mobile phone and mobile phone case)
Material: plastic PVC + anti-interference material
Packing: PP bag
Specifications: diameter 38~42mm, thickness 0.70~1mm, can be customized

RFID Ultra-thin mobile phone access control sticker is a mobile phone analog access control time attendance card, the cards is IC / ID can copy blank cards, can be erased repeatedly, is RFID UID chip, you can write IC / ID card number, your ordinary key chain, ID card By copying the copy device, the original IC card information is read and written into the tags, and then the tags is paste attached to the back of the phone.
This product is a cartoon induction access sticker with anti-magnetic anti-signal interference. It has a sticker on the back and can be easily attached to the back of the phone. Because of the addition of anti-metal anti-signal interference layer, the induction effect is very good, suitable for sticking on metal surface.

The access stickers can only copy access cards without encryption, elevator cards, apartment access cards, hotel cards, time attendance cards, parking cards, etc., can not copy bus cards, subway cards, bank cards, prepaid cards, mobile phone cards, hotel room cards, etc for an encrypted card.
This product is suitable for locksmiths, property management companies, apartment access control, personal DIY access control, etc.

How to copy and use
The access stickers can be authorized by the property or administrator, or it can be copied to the original card.
A. The original card is an ID card and knows the card number, and informs the card number of 10 or 18 digits.
B. Send the original card to us and copy it by us.
C. Copy to the nearby locksmith shop.
D. Purchase the access card clone copy device to copy it yourself.


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