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SRI512 Chip Card, SRT512 Chip Card, ISO14443 TypeB, Short Distance

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SRI512 chip is specifically designed for short range applications that need re-usable products.

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Protocol standard:ISO14443 TypeB
Operating Distance:>20cm
User Memory Size:512bit
Write Endurance:1,000,000 cycles
Data Retention:40 years
Memory Organization:
User OTP:5 Blocks (32bit/Block)
Binary Counter:2 Blocks (32bit/Block)
Lockable EEPROM:9 Blocks (32bit/Block)
UID number:64bit
Internal Capacitance:70pF
IBlocks Lock:Yes
Unsawn Wafer:Yes
Sawn Wafer:Yes
Working temperature: -20℃~+70℃
Dimension: ISO standard card 85.6×54×0.82mm
Packaging:PVC/PET/PETG/ABS,etc., 0.13mm copper wire
Encapsulation process: automatic ultrasonic automatic plant line/touch welding

13.56MHz short distance contactless memory chip with 512-bit EEPROM and anticollision functions

The SRI512/SRT512 chip is a contactless memory, powered by an externally transmitted radio wave. It contains a 512-bit user EEPROM. The memory is organized as 16 blocks of 32 bits. The SRI512 is accessed via the 13.56 MHz carrier. Incoming data are demodulated and decoded from the received amplitude shift keying (ASK) modulation signal and outgoing data are generated by load variation using bit phase shift keying (BPSK) coding of a 847KHz subcarrier. The received ASK wave is 10% modulated. The data transfer rate between the SRI512 and the reader is 106 Kbit/s in both reception and emission modes.
The SRI512 chip follows the ISO 14443-2 Type B recommendation for the radio-frequency power and signal interface.
The SRI512 chip is specifically designed for short range applications that need re-usable products. The SRI512 chip includes an anticollision mechanism that allows it to detect and select tags present at the same time within range of the reader. Using the STMicroelectronics single chip coupler, CRX14, it is easy to design a reader and build a contactless system.

Chip Features
ISO 14443-2 Type B air interface compliant
ISO 14443-3 Type B frame format compliant
13.56 MHz carrier frequency
847 kHz subcarrier frequency
106 Kbit/second data transfer
8bit Chip_ID based anticollision system
2 Count-down binary counters with automated antitearing protection
64-bit Unique Identifier
512-bit EEPROM with write protect feature
Read_block and Write_block (32 bits)
Internal tuning capacitor
1million erase/write cycles
40-year data retention
Self-timed programming cycle
5ms typical programming time

Main application
ST SRI512/SRT512 chip work in a variety of ways, has a high stability and a wide range of applications, is an induction type intelligent locks, access control system, attendance system, identification, property identification, process control, parking, logistics, animal identification, industrial automation, meeting attendance, electronic label, supermarket, warehouse management, personnel management, security systems, transportation bus cards, subway cards, consumer card, such as the first choice of RFID products.


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Printing: Offset Printing, Silkscreen Printing, Thermal printing, Ink-jet printing, Digital printing.
Security features: Watermark, Laser ablation, Hologram/OVD, UV ink, Optical Variable ink, Hidden barcode/Barcode mask, Graded Rainbow, Micro-text.
Others: Chip data initialization/Encryption, Personalized magnetic stripe programed, Signature panel, Barcode, Serial number, Embossing, DOD code, NBS convex code, Die-cut.

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