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IC Card Reader, Mifare Card Reader, USB Interface or Serial Interface

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model: YJ30-R20C

Two type interfaces optional (USB or Serial Interface), and two appearances optional.

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parameter teknis
protokol komunikasi: ISO14443 typeA/B
frékuénsi gawe: High frequency 13.56MHz
Support Card: Mifare standard,S50,S70 and compatible card
panganteur: USB, Serial Interface (meunang milih)
jarak bacaan: > 60mm
dibaca Time: <100Ibu
Sasayogian tanaga: USB
Product Dimensions: 104mm×68mm×10mm
hawa gawe: -20℃ ~ + 85 ℃
Indicating light: double color
beurat: 50g
warna: hideung
bahan cangkang: ABS

The USB interface IC card issuer realizes that the card serial number is directly transmitted to the computer through the USB port, and the user does not need to load the driver when using the device, and the card issuer is directly inserted into the computer USB interface, without the external power supply, and the card issuer indicates that the red light is on and the green light is flashing. Until you hear the buzzer sounding twice, the indicator light only shows red light, you can start swiping the card, and the card number is displayed at the cursor position after swiping the card. Use the management software to manage the card number and generate many functions.
This card reader can only read and cannot write. Because of simple construction and simple operation, there is a minimum cost advantage.

Main applications
Access control
Personnel or asset identification

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