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RFID Dual-Interface Card Inlay, Dual-Interface Smart Card Prelam

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Product model: XX466

Personalized customization: size and thickness, layout, material, chip RFID, anti-counterfeit watermark, jsb.

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Spesifikasi produk
prekuensi: 13.56MHz
material: PVC, pepet, PC, PETG
ukuran anteneu: 520× 410mm, 490× 310mm, 470× 390mm, 600× 380mm
kakandeleun: 0.40mm +/- 0.02mm atawa ngaropéa, minimum bisa 0.35mm
rarancang: 5× 5,5 × 6,4 × 8,3 × 8, jsb, spasi antara bisa ngaropéa
paket: 200 buah prelams / karton

RFID Dual interface cards is a CPU card supporting both contact and contactless communication, the two interfaces are cotrolled by CPU to swith between contact/contactless modes. When used in contact mode card comply with ISO/IEC 7816 standard, In contactless mode it meets ISO/IEC 14443 standard.
Dual-Interface Inlay--Double interface tin slice technology, Double interface conductive adhesive technology, Double interface pickline technology.

The shape and size of the antenna can be adapted to specific needs,
Customized layout and thickness
Trimmed reference edges and optional printed cross marks to make the further process more easy.

Financial system, Pay card, One Card Solutions, kaamanan, Public transportation card, Health insurance card, Loyalty programe etc.


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