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USB Interface ISO 15693 Protocol Reader, ISO 15693 Communication Protocol Reader

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Model: RW1093

Drive free, plug and play.
Induction distance up to 8mm.

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Main technical parameters
Support protocol: ISO 15693
Support card: 15693 protocol compatible card such as I Code 2 and Ti 2048
Secondary development language: Linux Jave, Linux QT, Delphi, VC6.0, C#, VB
Operating system: Windows 98, Windows XP (32\64) Windows 7
Voltage: DC 5V
Working current: 100mA
Power: 0.2W
Reading time: <100MS
Reading speed: 0.2S
Reading interval: 0.5S
Reading distance: 80mm
Size: 110×80×26mm
Weight: 160g
Working environment: temperature (-20℃~+85℃) humidity (5%~95%)
Status indicator: 2 color LED (“red” – power LED, “green” – status indicator)
Built-in speaker: buzzer, can control LED and buzzer

The ISO 15693 protocol reader is a universal card reader designed with 13.56M non-contact RF technology. The reading is stable, accurate and reliable. The reader uses USB data transmission to connect to the computer, making the secondary development of the computer easier.
Provide users with a variety of development platform programs, and provide test operation Demo program. The development kit can set the read and write time, read and write interval, read and write card type, and encrypt the card.
The red LED indicates standby status, and the greenLED indicates that reading is successful.

Drive-free USB interface, plug and play
Long sensing distance, up to 8mm
USB cable length up to 1.4 meters
Provide a variety of development platforms and DEMO

Main application
One Card Solutions, asset management, club membership management, consumer management, hotel room management, school student management, company staff management, multimedia all-in-one, banking and hospital management


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