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Parking Lot Pagtambong sa Access Multi-channel Reader Module, Custom Multi-channel Access Control Reader Module

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modelo Product: SMRF125-5

Can customize 5-Way, 10-Way and other multi-channel ID card reading modules.

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Technical lantugi
Power Supply: DC5V
Current: 30MA
operating frequency: 125KHz ± 1KHz
Ang pagtrabaho mode: Basaha ang-lamang
Support card: uEM4001 / uEM4102 o compatible EM ID card (125kHz, 64-nabahin, 64-gamay Manchester encode)
Pagbasa gilay-on: max 6cm, pamati laing nag-agad sa card porma ug gidak-on antenna
Ang pagbasa pamaagi: sa pagbasa sa mga kard, sumala sa laray
Pagbasa speed: <250ms
Ang pagtrabaho temperatura: -10℃ ~ + 75 ℃
gidak-on module: 28.3× 29.6mm

SMRF125-5 model ID Card Read Module, can connect 5 reader antennas, read the card number on each antenna at the same time, and output the card number through the serial port.
The inductance of the induction antenna is 345uH±5%, the common antenna size is 50×70mm or 40×60mm, and the round diameter 35mm. Quantity 50 or more, antenna size can be customized.
Multi-channel ID card reader module can be customized.
SMRF125-5 reader module is mainly used in parking lot, identification, attendance, access control, channel and other systems.Parking Attendance Access Multi-channel Reader Module, Custom Multi-channel ID Card Reader Module, Multi-way Parking Lot Access Control Read Module, SeabreezeRFID LTD.

Working principle
After the module is powered on, it is in the waiting command state (connecting the power and antenna). After receiving the reading command, the module will read the card number corresponding to a certain reading card coil according to the command, and then return data. After all the returned data is sent, the module enters the waiting command state again and waits for the next reading.
The module input/output is TTL-RS232 ASCII data output (serial output, TTL nga lebel) 9600 BPS,n,8,1 (baud rate 9600 no check digit data 8 gamay 1 stop bit) (can also output according to customer requirements).


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