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model: YY307

iButton Handles is mainly used for patrol management to identify patrol personnel.

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material: Stainless çeliku ose Silicone Soft (catenary dorë)
patate të skuqura: American DALLAS encryption, duke përfshirë DS1990A-F5, plotësisht në përputhje me TM1990A-F5, i1990A.
dështimi mesatare: përdorimi normal 1/100,000 kohët
numrin serial prodhuesit: vetëm numri globale 64bit
logjika sistemi: 64Mbrojtja bit fjalëkalimin
ruajtje: 8k bit RAM
read kartë: type touch
Lexoni dhe shkruani karakteristika: mund të lexoni shkruajnë dhe koduar
R / W herë: > 1.5 miliardë herë
temperatura e punës: -40℃ ~ + 85 ℃
Lexoni herë: > 350,000 kohët
jeta e shërbimit: > 20 vjet
dimensionet Chip: Φ16.25mm x 5.89mm
peshë: 5.2G

TM card, also known as iButton (information button), is an abbreviation of Touch Memory, and some also called iB card. It is a kind of smart card with metal shell package, which is called the most solid smart card in the world.
TM (Touch Memory) card (commonly known as buttons card) is the United States DALLAS company's patented product, which uses single-protocol communication, instantaneous touch to complete the data read and write, both with non-contact IC card ease of operation, But also has the contactless IC card's low cost, is one of the most cost-effective IC card.
TM card can be made into a handle-shaped and bracelet-shaped, easy to use and wear.

Main characteristics
TM card is a kind of encapsulated in su304-0.3 stainless steel shell of smart card, strong and durable, corrosion resistant; Ultrasonic welding, waterproof performance Good. Within the semiconductor wafer with lithography 64bits ROM code, each product only, no repeat. Surface laser carving serial number, and the product Logo. Support all single bus mechanism, which can realize multiple card to read.
Password capacity of 280 trillion, door locks mutual opening rate of zero; It can be embedded in the PVC card, extremely easy to carry, i fortë; Touch operation, free of high-frequency electromagnetic interference;
Cost efficient; TM card reader’s price is only 1/3 of IC card reader, 1/10 of the non-contact type IC card reader head; While they perform the same function, TM card reader device has the lowest cost among all;
100 times of service life comparing with contact type IC card reader head, 10 times comparing with that of contactless IC card reader the head. Not necessary to replace the reader head.
Lock principle: when opened the door, the electric control system verification TM card in 64bits password same with stored password. The same is to open the door, otherwise, can not open the door. Will issue an alert if a certain number of consecutive attempts numeric string.

Packageable chip:
Read-only type: DS / TM1990A-F5, (magnetic) DS / TM1990A-F5, TM199D
Read and write type: RW1990-F5, RW2004-F5, RW057
Read and write encryption type: (DS) TM1991L-F5

Intelligent apartment building, intelligent patrol, postal, railway, fire control, elektricitet, cable television, chemical industry, oil field and other inspection system, hotels, swimming pool, school dormitory meters and water meter, TM lock, TM Water meter, TM power meter, TM gas meter, biological recognition and tracking system, logistic system, identification system, Smart Patrol System, Induction Guard System, electronic purse, etj.


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